Eugene Haley Sports Complex Dedication (Lake Providence, LA)

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    Promotional Poster
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    Recent photos of Eugene Haley Sports Complex taken with an aerial drone. Ready for action!
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    Batter Up!
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    Chainsaw Momma, Faye Braaten.
    Loveland artist and member of Rez.Church, Faye Braaten has been sculpting with a chain saw since 1999. Two of her sculptures portraying youngsters playing baseball will be permanently stationed at the entrance to the Eugene Haley Sports Complex in Lake Providence, LA. Faye is just one of dozens of volunteers who have worked to enhance the six-star sports complex.
  • lpdc-byrongrams
    Rez.Church’s Man-on-the-Spot, Byron Grams.
    Byron Grams moved from Loveland, Colorado to Lake Providence to help serve as an all-around facilitator for on-site volunteer teams and others. He remains on the Rez payroll, but also works part-time as a custodian at Providence Church.
  • lpdc-jimscott
    Lead Contractor, Jim Scott.
    Jim Scott of Timnath, Colorado made the commute from home to Lake Providence numerous times… a round trip of 2,356 miles each. Much of his time the past two years was spent in LP… time taken from tending to his thriving Colorado construction business, New Beginning Builders, LLC. “I felt led of God to take on this Louisiana project, and it has been a major blessing to me,” he reports.
  • lpdc-brockandboyett
    Larry Brock and Don Boyett.
    Larry Brock (l) is a native of Lake Providence and local historian. He was instrumental in educating Rez volunteers on the history, traditions and recent happenings in Lake Providence. He is also a member of Providence Church, led by founder and pastor Don Boyett. Recently-retired, Pastor Boyett and his church provided essential labor, supplies and logistical support to the huge Eugene Haley ballfield endeavor. Both men and their wives were also generous suppliers of meals and lodging for volunteer teams.
  • lpdc-truckdumping
    An Enormous Task.
    Some 768 cubic yards of red clay were hauled-in to build up the three infields and tracks at the Eugene Haley Sports complex. An additional 23,000 square feet of concrete were poured, and 21,000 sq. ft. of fencing strung. Topping it all was 60,000 sq. ft. of grass sod. These staggering numbers help illustrate the immensity of the Lake Providence volunteer venture.
  • lpdc-constructionmud
    Not an Easy Proposition.
    The road to a field of dreams was not all roses and sunshine. Few observers will remember the sometimes dreary, discouraging conditions at the Eugene Haley Sports Complex, but for some volunteers, it will be an enduring memory.
  • lpdc-oldfield
    A Baseball Field Ravaged by Time and Neglect.
    This poignant photo of the entrance to the men’s privy prior to demolition and reconstruction of the new Lake Providence Eugene Haley Sports Complex attests to the necessity for the town to have abandoned the once-proud public ball field.
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    It Wasn’t All Rez Volunteers and it Wasn’t All Men
  • lpdc-volunteers2
    Local volunteers, and many trustees from the River Bend Detention Center (green shirts), joined alongside a number of strong women to get work done at the Eugene Haley Sports Complex.
  • lpdc-willford
    A Local Success Story.
    Will Ford, whose ancestors lived in Lake Providence, has gained international prominence as an author, speaker and educator. He is featured speaker at the Saturday, March 19 Dedication of the Eugene Haley Sports Complex. All events at the complex are open and free to the public from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
  • lpdc-mollyhartrick
    Molly Clark Hartrick of Monroe, LA.
    11/9/1949 – 10/31/2010
    Beloved counselor, advisor and minister to countless people. Along with Pastor Don Boyett, this faithful lady was an early mentor to Pastor Jonathan Wiggins of Rez.Church.
  • lpdc-pastorjonathan
    Pastor Jonathan Wiggins
    Senior Pastor of Rez.Church
  • lpdc-sheriffwilliams
    Sheriff Wydette Williams
    East Carroll Parish, LA